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These are very uncertain days. So much is, or seems to be, falling apart -- nations and government apparatus, norms of diplomacy and civil discourse, civil society, the glaciers of the Arctic, and much more. Is there anything we can count on? Hold on to? Such uncertainty brings fear, anxiety and despair. But it also brings opportunity and possibility. When things fall apart, something new -something other - can be created.The question is not so much what can be created but how? What is needed in order for people to see possibility, to imagine the inconceivable, and to take action? Can humanity seize the day? It is from these questions that we come to the theme of Performing the World 2018. In order to see, imagine and create new ways of living, we need to develop. We need to qualitatively transform how we relate, think, feel, live and die.Thus, our call to action is Let's Develop! Let's develop our world. Let's develop performance activism. Let's develop PTW. 

The tenth Performing the World (PTW) conference will be held in New York City, Friday, September 21 through Sunday, September 23, 2018.

Proposal submission forms are available at www.performingtheworld.org. Proposals are due February 15, 2018
Conference Fees
On or Before June 1: $260 (US)
After June 1: $325 (US)
There is no one-day rate for the conference.
Additional information about the conference, and forms for registration, housing and financial aid can be found on the website, www.performingtheworld.org

Organizing conference for Play, Perform, Learn, Grow: Exploring Creative Community Practices, 3-5 November 2017

40 artists, academics, therapists, educators and performance activists from 20 countries gathered in Thessaloniki to exchange practices and organize for the conference: Play, Perform, Learn, Grow happening in April 2018. The international gathering was sponsored by Aristotle University, Theology Department and East Side Institute.



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